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Medical Wigs & Hair Loss Services

Are you in need of a solution for your hairloss? Danie Nikol BeautyBar is ready to restore your crown and transform your life.


Danie Nikol BeautyBar is committed to making women and men look and feel good. The number of women and men who are suffering from medical related hairloss has increased over the past couple of years.People are in need of realistic and durable units.We specialize in non surgical and non invasive hair loss services.  


Cranial Prosthesis differ from your traditional wigs because they are specificially made for clients who are dealing with medicial related hair loss. These wigs can be covered by some insurance plans. We have an array of textures and cap styles for you to choose from.


Here are some medical related hairloss diagnoses that may be covered by your insurance to pay for your hair unit. 


  • -Alopecia

  • -Alopecia totallis

  • -Chemotherapy 

  • -Lupus

  • -Burn victims

  • -Veterans with hairloss due to PTSD

  • And more

To order a unit and get more information on our services, schedule a consultation below. 

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